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Here gives the answers to frequently facing technical questions.
If you face the questions which are not included in the following, please contact to our technical support:

  1. Technical Questions [Top]

Q1: What are the characteristics of this soft?
A1: The High Density Encryption provided by this soft is to encrypt all the files in the protected folder with standard encryption algorithms. So absolutely security for vital data. Multiple ways of encryption are obtained including fast encryption, high density encryption, portable encryption in this soft. Moreover mask and hide folders are available. For folders in hard disk, all ways of encryption can be used. For folders in portable disk, Portable Encryption and High Density Encryption are best choice.
The unique of the soft lies in the ability to intelligent combinational encrypt/decrypt.

Q2: *I forgot my password. Will the encrypted files loss?
A2: The encrypted files WON'T be lost in this case. However, the files can't be decrypted if high density encryption has been implemented! **We recommend not to use high density encryption to encrypt folders except folders with vital data! When high density encryption has been adopted, you should remember the password. 

Q3: **I forgot my password, can you get it back?
A3: Though we can not find it back, we have a solution to recover the files in the protected folder. However, the files would still be encrypted if high density encryption has been used. To protect the information security of our registered customers better, we don't provide the password rescue support for trial users. 

Q4: I forgot my login password, can you get it back?
A4: We can solve this problem for registration users!

Q5: Can the folders encrypted by this soft be copied and accessed in others' computers? 
A5: The folders encrypted by High Density Encryption or protected by masking can be copy to other storage. The folders encrypted by Portable Encryption or Fast Encryption can't be copied. 

Q6: **Can I terminate the program when it is working?
A6: You must not terminate the program when it is working especially for high density encryption!

Q7: ***What should do before I format hard disk or setup OS?
A7: Before formatting the partition of hard disk, please decrypt all folders in the partition and move them to other partition. After you setup OS, you can install the soft and register the soft by the Registration Code that we send to you. Thus, we suggest you to keep the Registration Code carefully!

Q8: Can I install the soft to the folder to be protected?? 
A8: Please do not install [Folder Encryption Fairy] into the folder to be protected because the installation directory forbid encrypting!

Q9: ****What should I do before uninstallation?
A9: If you have folders which have not been decrypted/recovered, please back up the list items. So you can import the encryption/protect information by import the information file later!

Q10: *How to decrypt after the evaluation period?
A10: Ensure not to uninstall the soft, then click the folder by right key of mouse in explorer,select the item "Decrypt folder" in context menu;input a password in the popped up dialog window. Push "OK", that is OK! However, the folder can not be decrypted if Mask and Hide is applied to a folder solely. To decrypt it ,you should register the soft!

Q11: What can I do if the list item of the hidden folder disappears?
A11: Create a folder with the same name as the hidden folder on the same directory as the original folder. Hide the newly created folder, then you can get a list item of the hidden folder. To get more technical support, please register!

  1. Questions on Registration [Top]
Q1: Do you charge any fee for future update? 
A1: NO. We guarantee FREE updates for all future versions!

Q2: How many registration codes should I buy if I want to use Folder Encryption Dog in several computers? 
A2: Folder Encryption Dog is licensed on per-user basis for individual users and is licensed on per-computer basis for entity users. That's, if you are an individual end-user, with one registration code you can register Folder Encryption Dog in your own computer. If you are an organization or company, you will need to buy registration codes for each computer.

Q3: May I make a copy for a friend? 
A3: You can give trial copies to your friends, however your registration code is of no use to your friends' computer!

Q4: How to order Folder Encryption Dog? Is the ordering process secure?
A3: To order please visit our online order page: Buy Now, it will guide you to a secure online order form. The order process is SECURE and FAST.

Q5: I can't register with the password you sent to us, please help!
A5: Please make sure to copy & paste the password when register. If the problem persists, please don't hesitate to contact our technical support team at Don't forget to include your order number and the registration code you received.

Q6: What if I lost my license password?
A6: Please send a request email to our technical support team at with your order number included. We will send your password to you as soon as possible. This "License password Get Back" service is FREE.

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