Folder Encryption Dog/Premium --- Using Tips

  1. Main Function
  2. Using Tips

  1. Main Function[Top]

To run the soft, you should extract the downloaded file: After extraction by WinZip OR WinRar, you'll get two files:DirWatchdog(Vista).exe,UserGuide.htm.

  • Encrypt

  • Copy the extracted program "DirWatchdog(Vista).exe" into the folder to be protected and run it
    ->Input password(must not be less than 3 characters) twice ->Push "Encrypt" button.
    * To avoid some trouble, encrypting the whole partition is forbidden!
    * To enhance the security, you can choose "High Density Encryption" for folders with vital data!

  • Decrypt

  • If the soft is not in the protected folder,copy one and run it->Input password ->Push "Decrypt" button.

  • Administrate

  • Set/modify/Cancel Login Password!To avoid others use the soft to encrypt your folders without authorization,you had better set a login password.

  • Access

  • If the folder has been protected,run the soft->Input password->Push "Access" button.
    *You can open the item in the list table by double click!
    *You can select one item in the list table by click,
    then export or delete the item by push "Save As" or "Delete" button.
    *You can move other files or folders into the protected folder and hide them
    by push "Move File In" or "Move Folder In" button.

    1. Using Tips[Top]

  • Speed up the process of encryption

  • If the protecting folder has many files or subfolders, create a new subfolder and move all other items into the subfolder.
    So encryption is accelerated.

  • Export folders in portable disk

  • When you want to copy the files or subfolders in the protected folder to other's computer's disk :Firstly,input the password and push the "Access" button; Subsequently, select a item in the list table by click(push "Select All" button to select all items) and push "Save As" button to save it(them) to the specified destination.
    After shutting down the Access window,the folder in portable disk was still protected!

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